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Our Farm

Catoctin Creek Farm has been farmed by Bob and Jean Galey since 1986.  We have traced the history of the farm and found that it has been a working farm since 1860.  The first owner was Andrew Kessler Jr. who bought the existing house and land from Robert Lamar.  He was a member of the Maryland legislature and a proponent for Maryland to go with the south.  He was arrested on the orders of Abraham Lincoln by Union soldiers and jailed, along with thirteen others with southern sympathies, just before the legislature was to vote whether to secede.  This insured that the vote to join the south would fail. 


Our house was built in three phases. It was originally a log structure.  The brick back wing was built around 1820.  The current Victorian front replaced the log structure sometime prior to 1897.  The German bank barn was built in the 1870's.


The farm has been featured in Frederick Magazine and was a stop on the annual Barnstormer Tour in Frederick County. The barn also graces the cover of the county farm guide and has hosted plenair artists from a competition in the City of Frederick.




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